Monday, April 1, 2019

Hello Sun Moon and Stars

local author ignites passion and purpose for children

The new children’s book; Hello Sun Moon and Stars is an inspirational story,
which helps children to discover a passion for what they want to be in the world.

April 1, 2019, Marlton, NJ: “Hello Sun Moon and Stars” is the first children’s book written by local author; Shalini Saxena Breault, which was released on Amazon in October, 2018 and quickly reached the #1 Best-Selling status. This is a true story inspired by Shalini’s family, wherein she takes the role of The Sun, her daughter is The Moon, and her husband, The Stars. 
Shalini’s deep belief that the Universe – represented by Mother Earth and Father Sky in this story – created her beautiful, celestial family.  Both her daughter and husband play an intricate role in the balance, strength, and tremendous growth she has experience in life.   My intent in writing this book is to teach children to tap into the cosmic light of the sun, moon and stars to help them be aware that they are never alone. Whatever children wish to be in the world can be accomplished by being friends with the Universe and by creating happiness, peace and harmony. explains Shalini.
At present Shalini is on tour throughout the Philadelphia Region conducting book readings at New Jersey elementary schools, author festivals and accompanying children’s yoga classes at area yoga studios. Shalini has also created a guided sound meditation entitled “Illuminate” with her crystal singing bowl as a new and creative way to share the book with the children.  In addition, there is a coloring page, which complements the story for an activity.  

Shalini Saxena Breault is a native New Yorker and former Corporate American, who moved to South Jersey in 2006 where her spiritual journey started. In addition to being an author, Shalini serves as a reiki master and teacher, crystal singing bowls musician, Chair Yoga, Yin Yoga teacher and co-author of the books “365 Days of Angel Prayers”, “111 Morning Meditations”, “Women Who Influence” and now “Hello Sun Moon and Stars”. 
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Book Summary:
Hello Sun Moon and Stars is about the Sun providing light to the world however feeling unappreciated and unfulfilled.  The Sun was giving all that The Sun could however The Sun felt tired, overwhelmed and lonely.  Simply, The Sun’s heart was not whole.  With the help of the Universe – Father Sky and Mother Earth – The Sun found her way.  The Universe gifted The Sun with The Moon and The Star – each helping The Sun in a different way.  Both The Moon and The Star completed The Sun – The Sun’s heart was whole.  The Sun found purpose and passion in providing light to the world.  The Universe – Father Sky and Mother Earth – created a magical life for The Sun.

Shalini is available for book readings and events by calling Antonia Anastasia at 856-313-0733 or by emailing